This is a work-in-progress website dedicated to my PC.

This website will be updated whenever changes are made to the PC.
It is made so I can simply keep track of my current specs and offer them to others per request.

Things It Can Do

There are many things my PC is good at. One of the best things I have found about having eight cores in my CPU is the ease of multitasking and pushing through demanding tasks. However, this multi-thread performance and added compute units come at a cost. Single-theaded applications don't run as well with AMD as they would with Intel, I'm hoping that AMD will soon catch up and release something to compete with Intel's higher end processors. (aka, something that isn't another bloody APU.)

  • Write code
  • Run Linux
  • Play games
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  • Be quick and responsive
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  • Placeholde
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An Nvidia GPU compliments an Intel CPU. Admittedly this is my first built PC and most of what I put into it were based on recommendation from a forum. Looking back, the only thing I regret is choosing a motherboard that doesn't have a usb3 slot to plug my case into.

Rosewill Future

Chosen because I believe it looks quite nice. It is easy to take apart and put hardware into.

ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3

I hardly know a thing about motherboards, but this one generally works for me. Only issue is the lack of a USB3 adapter for my case. Not a huge loss, but still a little annoying.

Rosewill Hive-550


My computer runs without issue, so I suppose it's good enough.

Intel i3-2100

3.10 GHz

The CPU is probably a weak point of my build. I'd like to get this upgraded soon.


1.25 GiB

The GTX 560 Ti is a decent GPU and was, at the time of purchase, one of the highest value cards on the market.

Team Elite DDR3

2x4 GiB; 1333 MHz

Not the most powerful, but they work. I will likely upgrade these someday in the future.

Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda

7200 RPM; 2 TiB

Biggest hard drive I've ever owned. Someday I intend on getting an SSD to compliment it.


For a gaming PC, you need gaming peripherals, right? Roccat is one of the few gaming peripheral vendors that support Linux, so they were a natural choice for most of the gear.

Roccat Kone XTD

Fully reprogrammable. Uses EasyShift technology. An excellent mouse.

Roccat Ryos Mk Pro

Same as the mouse, fully programmable with EasyShift technology. It's mechanical as well. Tons of options, including per-key backlight. It's pretty great.

Plantronics GameCom 780

Headset I received as a gift. They work without too much issue, though the surround sound doesn't work under Linux and more recently I've been unable to control its volume through ALSA. I'll definitely get these replaced (optimally with a Roccat headset).


Share any opinions or suggestions you may have here.